quality...our raison d'être

Striving to make the best possible quality knitwear is one of the reasons we got into business.


In our mass-consumption based society, "sustainability" has become a hollow marketing term for a lot of companies.

No matter how hard we try, as a fashion label we will always leave our footprint.

At Aymara, we work hard to make durable high quality knitwear that lasts for years and that customers reuse and share. We believe this is the only way to be as sustainable as possible.


No matter how durable we make our knitwear, at one point there will be a need to repair. Our knits are designed to be repairable. For example, all Aymara knitwear is fully fashioned and special linking is applied to the seams.

We are now offering a repair service to extend even more the lifetime of your favourite sweater.


Excellent natural fibers play a key role and are the starting point of each Aymara design.

We work only with materials that have a low impact on the environment.

In autumn winter our knits are made of alpaca wool. In spring summer organic cotton and linen is used.


This project wouldn't be possible without the commitment of all the skilled workers and great craftsmen in Peru who make our products. We value these people a lot.

Most of our operations are under the roof of our own knitting factory in Arequipa, Peru. People receive fair wages and get health insurance. We invest continuously in training the workers. This is how we have turned hand knitters into operators or programmers of state of the art knitting machines.


Besides our main collections, Aymara offers also a theme of hand knit sweaters and accessories.

This enables women to generate an income by hand knitting at their home while taking care of their children. For a lot of these women it would be impossible to work inside a company because of their family situation and the lack of childcare.

You can recognize these products by the “Aymara hand knit” hang tag.