Repair service process

Repair service (new service offered in EU)
Aymara has started this new service so that you will be able to enjoy your favourite sweater even longer.
This is how it works :
1) Please send the following information to 

  • contact details (full name, mail, phone number)
  • item details
  • description and location of the damage
  • a clear picture of the damaged area
  • a copy of the receipt (if possible)

Without the necessary information, no repairs can be processed.

2) Once we have received the above information, we will evaluate the best possible solution.  You will be sent relevant documents to facilitate your return/repair.

3) if the item is deemed repairable, please send us your product.  All items must be washed and clean. We will not accept dirty garments.  Please note that garments that have shrunk due to inappropiate washing or items with big cuts are not repairable and won 't be accepted.

4) Our repair service is only available for customers based in the EU.  This is to avoid costly import duties.  

5) We are accepting Aymara items that are not older than two years.

6) The repair service is completely free but we ask you to pay the shipping costs.